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Meet Lil Floki, The Newest Craze.

A meme coin inspired by Floki & Shiba Inu fans alike, Elon's pup has finally arrived.

Contract Address: 0x3271d12d5ba36b6582fafa029598fee0f5f6db35

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Elon Musk loves his 'Lil' Floki

Elon Musk lived up to his promise and bought a Shiba Inu dog; naming it Floki, thus Lil Floki was born and what better way to support Dogs in need than with the beloved Shiba Inu Mascot?

Considering Elon Musk will very likely be posting Floki all over his social media, our strong belief is that this token will rise exponentially in value and each time he does mention Floki, giving a huge positive impact for our token, the shelters we support and the investors.

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It all began with a single tweet

As promised, Elon now owns a Baby Shiba Inu!

International Dog Day Post!


1% Auto BNB Rewards

1% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all Lil Floki holders.

5% Liquidity Pool

5% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It's automatic and helps to provide a stable price floor.

7% Marketing & Charity Wallet

Long term marketing strategies will be implemented to provide a stable future for the project. A portion of the 7% will be used towards Donating to Dog Shelters in New Zealand.

Liquidity Locked & Secured

On launch, liquidity was locked for 1 year, avoiding any chance of a rugpull. More liquidity will be added as we grow. (Proof)


Phase 1

  • Telegram Creation
  • Twitter Creation
  • Website Launch
  • Aggressive Telegram Shilling
  • Telegram Raids
  • Telegram Pinned Ads
  • Daily CMS Reddit Posts
  • First Dog Shelter Charity Donation
  • CMS Trending
  • Milestone Token Burning

Phase 2

  • Poocoin Ads
  • Twitter Influencer Posts
  • Promoted Coinhunt Section
  • Coinsniper Promotion
  • Coin Gecko Listing
  • Expansion into Chinese Market
  • Contract Audit
  • Dextools Trending
  • Coin Market Cap Listing
  • More Dog Shelter Partnerships & Donations
  • Milestone Token Burning

Phase 3

  • NFT Development
  • Bridge to other Blockchains
  • Centralized Exchanges
  • Larger Partnerships & Donations
  • Milestone Token Burning

Contract Features

1% Max Sell & 2% Max Wallet Size

Anti-whale features have been applied to the amount of tokens that can be bought and sold at once to prevent whales from dumping the chart.

Anti-Sniper & Anti-Bot Measures Implemented

Our token was stealth launched and known bots were blacklisted pre-launch to avoid pumping and dumping.

5% Marketing & Team Tokens

2% of the Team tokens will be locked for 3 months, these tokens will be used to further develop the project as well as for future crypto exchanges.

Future Burning

50,000,000,000,000 Lil Floki tokens will be locked away and reserved for future burning events, decreasing token supply and increasing the value for our holders.


Yes - our team is real and has lots of professional experience in our own fields. We're based in New Zealand, a video doxx was done via a live video call with our community in our Telegram after we passed 100K Marketcap. As we grow this section will be expanded upon.


Dev / Co-Founder / Marketing & Web Development


Co-Founder / Marketing, Charity & Communications


With your support these are the donations we have made so far to local shelters. For more updates, follow us on Instagram.

Food Donation 3rd Oct 2021

6x Flea Treatments 14th Oct 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lil Floki is a Binance Smart Chain Token which can be purchased through PancakeSwap upon launch. You can buy it through Pancakeswap by swapping BNB to Lil Floki. When purchasing you will need to set the slippage between 13-15% (this number can change depending on volume).

  • Tax on buys: 11% Rewards: 1% Liquidity: 3% Marketing & Buy-Back 7%
    Tax on sells: 12% Rewards: 1% Liquidity: 4% Marketing & Buy-Back 7%

  • We may renounce the contract later on in the future once we are comfortable with the percentage of rewards/marketing/liquidity distribution so don't be surprised if suddenly the amount of rewards you are recieving have increased.

  • The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion). Max sell is 1% of the total supply of tokens per transaction. Max wallet is also 2% of the total supply to avoid big dumping of tokens.

  • Easy! BNB Rewards will be airdropped into the same wallet where you are holding your Lil Floki tokens. Usually these will come every 60 minutes. You don't have to do anything to recieve these rewards, just buy and hold your Lil Floki tokens. The rewards that come are based on the percentage of your holdings, the more tokens you own, the bigger your BNB rewards will be.